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Model: BRC Infra Red Heater 14B - 1800W


New technology, plus quality guarantee:

BRC heaters surface is made of finned type special aluminium alloy, adopting unique tech; it creates an obvious energy-saving effect because of high electricity-heat efficiency & aero heating elements.
Heating panel is covered by special NANO painting; far infra rays will be created after warming up, as efficiency reaches to 86%.

Regenerative design, more energy-saving:

BRC heater adopts reflective heat storage design of proprietary intellectual property rights, to increase more than 20% efficiency, showing the best energy-saving advantages.
Far infrared heater is sort of warming with advantages of clean, safe, comfort, healthy and reliable, sun-like heating as the sun rises in the room, bringing glaring light of life.
Far infrared heater is challenging traditional heating with its advantages of low carbon, energy-saving, eco-friendly, and becoming a new trend of healthy & comfortable warming style.

JH-NR24-13W 9
14B Plug
14B Bracket

14B comes with remote-control thermostat functions. It has a beautiful arch shape heating panel design becomes a feature in any area placed. And a larger heating surface area is covered by unique nano material.

  1. LCD screen remote controlled
  2. With 4 power-setting function, fast heating mode
  3. Smart design and plug & play
  4. Wall control on request
  5. With remote and red LED indicator
  6. Lighter & thinner, can be hanging under outdoor umbrella
  7. Quiet, no light, no flame, no colour change, good for eye and health
  8. Durable heating tube, good quality
  9. Energy saving: 99.99% heating efficiency
  10. Fast heating in 5-minute, Heat can be distributed evenly
  11. IPX4, waterproof, outdoor use: terrace, gallery, patio, balcony, church, garden, BBQ, gym etc.
  • Power 1800 Watts
  • Cover 20sqm
  • Voltage 230 Volt 50/60Hz
  • Amp 7.8
  • Surface Temperature 300C
  • Dimensions 1095*215*70
  • N/G weight 6.8/8.2Kg

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