World Leading BRC introduce new technology UV LED lights – retrofittable with existing Insect Control and Sanitising systems.

BRC have embraced global LED-tech by developing a fully retrofittable range of UV-A LED bulbs for their UV-A insect traps and zappers, and UV-C bulbs for their hygiene and sterilisation systems. This allows BRC customers the option to replace existing fluorescent based units with new efficient LED bulbs. 

Syltrap Helios® is a UVA lamp (370nm) with patented LED technology, exclusive to BRC.

Developed in partnership with Sylvania, it generates unparalleled attractiveness, measured in laboratory at 150% more attractive than UVA standard (CFL UVA). Helios® technology allows an energy saving of 75% compared to comparable CFL UVA units. Connection via an E14 or E27 socket allows you to LED retrofit-equipment and maintain traps already installed.

UVAthena® LED tubes can be retrofitted on all BRC insect fly killers previously equipped with fluorescent tubes. UVAthena® LED tubes have a specific density of LED points, which allows a more homogeneous distribution of the flux, and has a favourable impact on the attraction of insects (positive photaxis). Ask the Team at  for more information and supply options. 

Trap-Manager® is a connected monitoring system for insects traps. Trap activity is monitored via a special camera connected to the insect trap. This trap management control tool continuously informs the operator about the trap status – including, power supply, tubes and glue boards catch.

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