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    InfraRed Halogen Heaters are ideal for outdoor areas and indoors where there is a specific need for a direct heating solution. Ideal for on-demand heating of hospitality areas, bars, spa and pool areas, receptions, community spaces and workrooms. Use infrared heaters to heat only the areas you require - without wasting energy heating spaces where people are not gathering. 

    FAR-infrared Radiant Ceramic and Infra-Red Halogen Heaters offer one of the most practical heating solutions where maximum energy to heat conversion is required.

    Infrared heaters directly radiate heat energy to the immediate surroundings (best within 3-5 metres) heating you and your guests from a direct heat source that can best be described as like enjoying warm sunny day.

    Ideal placement: Where you need an on-demand heating source - quick to switch on and off.

    For a Full Range of Commercial and Industrial Heating solutions please visit our associate business at: HEATME

    4 products
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