UVA, UVC and infrared solutions for all environments.

In order to respond precisely to your needs, BRC have segmented our markets by ‘sector of activity’. This segmentation recommends product references whose technical characteristics and benefits are best suited to your particular environment and commercial challenges. Our solutions span UVA insect control zappers and glue traps, UVC sterilisation cabinets, foggers, misters, radiant heating for large spaces (and pest control) and infrared heating technology suitable for most homes and business.


It is imperative in the farming sector that insect traps be robust. They may be exposed to humidity and dust, and may be situated in areas which are frequently washed. Facilities that are lit for night-time use, such as milking sheds, can attract a host of unwelcome insects; flies and midges may be a problem in some locations throughout the day while in horticultural facilities whitefly may be the concern. BRC have a range of IP-rated stainless steel, water resistant and dust proof insect traps to suit every need.


Reception areas, waiting rooms, offices, surgeries, hospital wards... the list of situations were the sight of circling insects, or the bite of a mosquito is not welcome is endless! Our range of insect traps provides a solution for every situation. IP-rated designer light traps are stylish and discrete, designed to completely escape notice in public areas. Light traps may be either ‘zappers’ or 'glue traps'. They use no insecticide and are, in fact completely non-toxic – essential for all food processing and hospitality situations.


Indoors and outdoors, you don’t want to be sharing your home or living spaces with a host of insects! Perhaps it is the patio or BBQ area, where you discover those irritating mosquitoes or sandflies are also keen on a summer feed, or perhaps it is moths, house-flies, or blow-flies in the kitchen, lounge or bedroom. Our range of IP-rated light traps will provide the solution. Discreet indoor designs will elegantly trap or zap the insects, the more robust and stylish water-resistant designs will deal with persistent problems outdoors. The BRC traps are easy to move around and can be easily packed away when the summer season has ended, ready for next year.


Whether your business is a hotel, a restaurant or a bar, a bakery or a delicatessen, the sight of insects buzzing around will not sit well with your customers. Fortunately BRC have a wide range of UVC insect traps and zappers for your situation! IP and EESS -rated for use in New Zealand, BRC insect traps and zappers come in a range of designs and colours so that, where appearances and decor is super important, the uints will blend into their surroundings. So the insects will find them, but not your customers!


Whether you are molding plastic parts, or refining honey, the last thing you need is insects in the mix! BRC traps are designed to trap and zap insect pests before they get into your product. IP-rated, water-resistant and dust-proof, BRC UVC traps are rated to EESS electrical standards, and HACCP and BRC food standards for use in the food industry where hygiene is essential. Quality BRC UV insect control devices come with three years New Zealand manufacturer warranty to give long-lasting peace of mind for your pest management programs.