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Domestic & Commercial UV Lights

BRC white

- Electric - UV Light - Zapper
- Glue Board - UV Lights
- 3 Year NZ Warranty
- "EESS" Approved

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Commercial & Industrial UV Lights

BRCNZ-MGL40- white-glueboard
BRC white

- BRC UV Insect Lights
- Electric - UV Light - Zapper
- Glue Board - UV Lights
- 3 year - NZ Warranty
- "EESS" Approved

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Consumables UV Lights

BRC white

- BRC UV Insect Lights
- Light Bulbs
- Light Tubes
- Glue Boards
- Repair and Maintenance

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Knifes & Scissor Sanitising Cipboard

KS20P-1 PNZ - Knife & Scissor Sanitising Units
BRC white

- VBX15 VIROBOX Steriliser Cupboard
- VBX30 VIROBOX Steriliser Cupboard
- KS12 Knife and Scissor
- KS20 Knife and Scissor

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Non - Toxic Insect Traps

D2K Insect Traps Non Toxic
D2K-logo small

- Moth Trap Clothes
- Moth Trap Pantry
- Cockroach Trap
- Fly Trap Window
- Fly Trap Outdoor-Bag

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Infra Red and Ceramic Heaters

BRC Infra Red Heating Solutions
BRC white

- Far Infra Indoor Heating Solutions
- Infra Red Outdoor Heating Solutions
- Space Heating Commercial
- Bed Bug & Co. Heating Devices
- Pest Control Heating Solutions

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Heat Treatment Devices

BRCUp Thermal Heat Treatment Devices
BRC white

- BRC 240V Home Heating Devices
- BRC 9Kw (54IP) - Bed Bug Treatments
- BRC 9Kw Space Heating
- BRC 15Kw Space Heating
- BRC 20Kw Space Heating

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Commercial Thermal Hot Fogger

Vectorfog Logo

- BY100 Mini Portable Thermal Fogger
- H200 SF Portable Thermal Fogger
- H300 SF Portable Thermal Fogger (on request)
- H400 SF Trolly Mounted TF (on request)
- H500 SF Truck Mounted TF (on request)

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Commercial ULV Cold Fogger/Misters

BRC Stream-1 b
BRC white

- Stream 1 ULV Cold Mister Power Driven
- Stream 2 ULV Mister Battery Driven
- Stream 3 Pro ULV Mister Battery Driven
- BRC130 ULV Mister Power Driven

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