UVA Insect Zappers and Glue Traps

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    BRC manufacture a wide range of UVA Flying insect Glue Traps and Zappers for all commercial and domestic environments.

    BRC UVA Insect Glue Board Traps are a super-clean and convenient way to protect your home, business and customers from annoying and intrusive flying, buzzing and crawling insect pests. BRC UVA Zappers and Glue board traps come in a range of sizes, power ratings and design options to suit all situations and decor.

    BRC UVA Bulbs and Tubes are designed to ‘glow’ at the ‘optimum UV light frequency’ to attract flies and other target insects. These bulbs and tubes are designed to cut through any distracting scents and visual attractants that may be present in the room.

    BRC supply patented, fully retro-fitable LED-UVA bulbs and Tubes. You can upgrade to LED any time without changing your devices.  LED bulbs are provided as an option on all new units. Choose LED for longer-lasting effective UVA output and power savings.

    If you are experiencing persistent insect problems or would like specific advice for your sterilisation, disinfection, ULV fogging, misting or other pest control and air quality requirements - contact BRC today on 0800 257 326.

    12 products
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