KS12 UVC Sanitizer - 12 Knife & Scissor Sanitising Cupboard

KS12 UVC Sanitizer - 12 Knife & Scissor Sanitising Cupboard

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KS12 UVC Sanitizer - 12 Knife & Scissor Sanitising Cupboard

A new generation of knife sterilizer, completely automated.

In compliance to HACCP regulations, BRC provides you with this innovation, total and perfect sterilization for your kitchen knives.

Furthermore, with zero risk of manual error as no programming is required and an auto-start mechanism activating when simply closing the door.

When switched-on, the KS knife sterilizer automatically starts a 2h sterilization cycle and each opening/closing of the door systematically re-starts a new cycle.

A green indicator light indicates that the knife sterilizer is switched on and a red light indicates that the sterilization cycle is in progress.

An inclined knife rack increases the sterilizer’s capacity and allows for all types and sizes of knives (a magnetic bar to hold the knives is also available).

The UVC lamp (253nm) destroys germs by killing off the exposed cells.

Ideal for:
Food outlets (bakery, butcher’s shop, delicatessen, caterers, fishmongers, etc.) cafeterias, fast-food restaurants, mass and conventional catering, bars, OT, agricultural production, hairdresser, etc.

Mount on Wall at Shoulder Height.

Utensils: cheese monger’s knives, butcher’s knives, fish monger’s knives, foil, sharpening steel, platters, etc.

Pre-programmed sterilization cycle of 2h

Replace the Lamps Annually

Knives Foil, Sharpening Steel, Scissor, Masks, Glasses, Platters, etc.

Brochure: Click Here 

Certification: Click Here

- 304 Stainless Steel
- Modern Design
- Door + Lock
- 1x UV-C Light Bulb

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